Sarya Al-Gabal: A historical event on Telepathy

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In around 645 AD (23H) and in the reign of "Omar Ibn Al-Khatab" the 2nd Caliph of Muslims, a famous incident took place which is believed to be a historic example on the ability of telepathy in our modern life which is well known as "Sarya Al-Gabal" as the Telepathy means: The ability on transferring the thoughts from somebody to another without using the five senses and it may be between two persons away of thousands kilometers.

The Incident
"Sarya Ibn Zonaim Ibn Abdullah Al-Doaaly" was one the Muslim armies leaders in the conquests of Persia in 23H as the summary of the incident as been narrated by "Aslam" , "Jacob" and "Nafee" the freed slaves of "Ibn Omar" that "Sarya Ibn Zonaim" was fighting infidels at the gates of "Nahawand" in "Persia", and the enemies were numerous and on the same day "Omar ibn Al-Khattab" was delivering the speech (Khutbah) of Friday on the dais of the Messenger of Allah "Mohammed" (May God peace be upon him and blessed him) in "Al-Madina", as "Omar" (May God be pleased with him) calling loudly during the speech: "Behold , Sarya Al-Gabal mountain, who made the wolf to take care of the sheep was an injustice." , then attendants turned and said to "Omar: "What is this talk?!", then "Omar" said: "I swear I did not care about it, something brought it on my tongue." Then the attendants said to (Ali Ibn Abi Talib)-as he was attendant- : "What the prince of believers saying?! And where is Sarya of us now?!" then "Ali" said: "Oh ! let "Omar" that he as soon as discuss a topic , he pass through it at once" and then everything came to be cleared as "Sarya" came towards "Omar" in "Al-Madina" and said to him: "Behold, the prince of the believers, we were besieging the enemies and staying the whole days where none of them come to us as we were in a Low-Earth and they were in a high fortress (a mountain) then I heard a caller shouting: "Behold, Sarya Ibn Zonaim the mountain, so I climbed the mountain with my fellows, and in only one hour that Allah grant victory to us".

Note 1 : Sarya is a name of a Muslim man and Al-Gabal means (The mountain in the Arabic language) and the title of this historical story (Sarya Al-Gabal) means " Behold , Sarya , look at the mountain or climb it)

Note 2 :The story above refers that there was a kind of telepathy between "Omar" and "Sarya" as what "Omar" said on the dais about "Sarya" is the same what been told to "Sarya" in the war against the nonbelievers.

Finally , The scholar "Mayers" is considered to be the first one to study the ability of telepathy in 1882 and he was the first one who formed the term (Telepathy) who opened new fields for research and argument which still rising up till now ,although the telepathy does not stipulate the time or the place even those of "Einstein" as every two persons on a spiritual connection fed by the passion and love may it arise a kind of telepathy between them even it is very little , so we can find the lovers have more ability of telepathy , especially that their souls are in harmony , according to that the brain cells send electro signals among each other and generate a very accurate magnetic field by its turn , so the mind generates "Beta rays" during wakefulness , " Alpha rays" during meditation "Theta rays" during very relaxation and "Delta rays" during deep sleeping but with the scientific developments and plentifulness of the rays which collide with our bodies , the abilities of the human beings became weak to a limit that deprived them of their abilities of the telepathy and it became to happen rarely .

How to exercise the telepathy ?
To exercise yourself to go through a telepathy case , you need to relax ,concentrate the attention and take a deep breath then you imagine your message in your mind and now your message will cross the mind of whom you concern in condition that the recipient should be in calm and relaxation state too, it is claimed that when you think of someone , there is a path emerges between both of you and within it the message transferring , therefore if the recipient has no means of self defense (mentally or psychologically) so he / she will not receive the message.

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  1. It was in mid 50s that I heard from an imam during Juma prayer khutba in a Nowshera mosque " Ya Saria, Al-jabal " when the imam was mentioning this story of 'telepathic message to a Muslim Commander Sarya leading a Muslim army in the east, caution him of a possible ambush from the mountain side. Sarya later confirmed hearing the message and took steps to avoid the trouble..
    Years later I searched Google to find about the incident and I just found this reference to the story in 2023. MashaAllah


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