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Fencing is one of the ceremonial features of the ritual ceremonies which is performing by the Sufis Sheikhs , as those ceremonies including some shows by stabbing a metal skewer ("Shish" in Persian language) or a sharp tool in the body of "The petitioner " or in his/her face and those ceremonies may also have jumping on hot coals or eating alive snakes. Interestingly in this phenomenon in that there is no bleeding despite the breakthrough of the "Shish" into the person's body from side to the other side in some cases. The Sufis consider that who plays that role has a "Blessings" of God or a unique ability, despite the occurrence of this phenomenon is not limited to those of the Muslims Sufi, but we can also see it in some of the Hindus rituals.


one of mosques in Egypt
In around 645 AD (23H) and in the reign of "Omar Ibn Al-Khatab" the 2nd Caliph of Muslims, a famous incident took place which is believed to be a historic example on the ability of telepathy in our modern life which is well known as "Sarya Al-Gabal" as the Telepathy means: The ability on transferring the thoughts from somebody to another without using the five senses and it may be between two persons away of thousands kilometers.

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