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Perhaps the State of Kuwait is the most country in the Arab region which has seen an intense activity of viewing the unknown flying objects, but unfortunately it did not receive the necessary attention to investigate in it and there were not available evidences , visual recordings or adequate official records despite the importance of those views by many witnesses, in the Western countries many associations and research organizations were established to study those phenomena as it collect and document those viewings and subject them to study and the opposite which we see in our Arab region that lack of such studies and in the following we will mention some of the most important incidents of those:

1 – The accident of "Um Al-Aish"
The most famous viewings of the flying saucers which caught the attention of local and Gulf press that in 1970 and just 50 km from the capital of Kuwait and particularly in the region of "Um Al-Aish" there was seen a flying saucer hovering over one of the oil pumps and despite of its hovering for a long period , it has not been observed by staff only when one of those oil pumps was stopped of working and a number of workers ( 7 workers) - including an American expert - went to the broken-down site at once as when they approached the station , their car stopped of working and the workers completed the distance on foot after they failed to find failure in the car and a big surprise was waiting for them upon their arrival in the station, where they found the station was completely stopped of working and close to it standing a strange cylindrical object with a huge size more than that of a plane and that object remained anchored for more than five minutes, and the team was tightened without any slightest mobility and suddenly that object decided to leave and started to shake quickly before rising up from the ground without any slightest noise and the strange thing is that this object has not been monitored at all through any of the surrounding area radars and the team who saw that flying saucer believes that it was the direct cause of the oil station stopping and the car breaking down which they were traveling in it and their belief is definitely true to a large extent as it is known to the researchers in the phenomena of flying saucers that its appear paralyzes any kind of mechanical movement in the region where it surrounds, including cars. The Public Security Department boss referred that all witnesses who were the members of the team have wide scientific abilities and great knowledge which making them far from the level of lying suspicion and fabrication.

2 – Al-Abraq incident ( in the north side of Al-Ahmadi city)
In the eighties and during the war between Iraq and Iran , Kuwaiti officials announced that their air defense forces have foiled an attempt to infiltrate which performed by unknown air target, then "Al-Qabas" and "Al-Anbaa" newspapers narrated from military officials that the radars detected the target as it was trying to enter the airspace of Kuwait, some 15 kilometers of the southern boundary in the north of "Al-Ahmadi" region and the air defense forces fired two "Ossa" anti-aircraft missiles and some sources described the target as a balloon and the officials said that after seconds launching the two missiles , it was seen a red ball of fire in the sky , also there were 17 citizens saw an oval object emerges a radiation light of it in the form of a triangle which its base was towards the sky and remained flying in the sky for two minutes before moving east, "Al-Anbaa" newspaper has reported that it can not be certain that what those young men saw who were spending a summer evening in the desert region "Al-Abraq" whether it is true or not but they said that a border patrol which was passing in the scene saw the same object.

3 - Kuwait – Cairo flight incident in 1980
Kuwait Airport
According to a reliable source in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior that Kuwait in 1980 investigated in a report which presented by the Kuwait Airways pilot - Operations Manager - "H. Shamlan", who said in a private report: "During my return from Cairo to Kuwait through the trip (KU542) , the weather was perfectly clear and as the plane was landing to the level (15,000-feet) to be ready to land at Kuwait International Airport, I saw something very strange and not into my account, it was a huge ball of bright light moving steadily towards the northwest of Kuwait City for a little less speed than the that of the plane and it remained clear to sight till we descended under a layer of haze and began approaching the runway! ", the strange thing is that "Shamlan" was not the only viewer of this strange ball as it has been reported at the same time by the flight crew (KU708) which was coming from Khartoum, at 90 miles from Kuwait City and in general, everyone think that "Shamlan" watching was sufficient as he is a very efficient and balanced person with the testimony of all people.

4 - TV station incident - 1978
In 1978 a flying saucer landed in Kuwait near a station of satellites broadcasting and led to a full stop to the station as this incident has been reported in the local press and also it has been published as an incident of (1st type) in several international magazines which are specialized in following-up those phenomena, but it seems that the little number of viewers to this incident led to an underestimation of attention of it significantly.

5 - Fishing trip incident - 2009
In 10 November, 2009 , 4 young men went in a fishing trip to catch the "Al-Haddaqah" fishes as their names were "Jarah Al-Felkawy" , "Hassan" , "Ragab" and "Abbas" on an admiral cruiser board (tank) destined for "Al-Reksah" region which is located in the north of Kuwait and when they reached there in the midnight of Tuesday , they have loosened the fishing ropes till a large round light of yellow color appeared of long space and it was surrounded of its both sides with small lights ranging in size from 4 to 5 lights , in the beginning "Hassan" thought that it was a meteor or an asteroid, but when he checked it more he set aside that it was like that as if it was a meteor or an asteroid , it would fallen, but the light was flashing and going into the space horizontally and it made "Hassan" to stand as if pinned to the tank just like a nail, as "Hassan Al-Haddaq" (Al-Haddaq: A title to who catching such kind of fleshy fishes), saw a yellow round light such as a flashlight which was switched on and off as well as the yellow lights on either right and left sides.

6 - Other separated incidents
Engineer Mr. "Abdullah Al-Matiri", who graduated of Kuwait university in computer engineering department saying that he had seen an unidentified object which looked like the flying cigar while he was in a plane in backing to Kuwait after a study tour in the USA as he assured to me that he thought at first that he was imagining that, but his friend who was sitting next to him assured watching it as well . And Mr. "Mohammed Al-Anzi" who is a student at the PAAE (Public Authority for Applied Education) said that he had seen a flying object in a strange figure in one of those days where he was camping outdoors in fresh air in the wilds of Kuwait and he assured to me that he was not the only one who saw it but even his friends admitted to view it as well. There is also a large number of individual modern viewings which took place in the nineties of the last century, as in a special survey on the flying saucers phenomenon in Kuwait which carried out by (Al-Anbaa) newspaper were interviewed a large number of persons who claim that they have seen the flying saucers in all areas of Kuwait.

Observer of the flying saucers viewings according to a study conducted in USA will notice that those viewings are increasing in areas which are close to wars and we can find that the location of Kuwait was close to the events of those wars such as the Iraq-Iran war and Gulf War II and finally the recent Iraq war , but the response of the scholars differed over the explanation of this phenomenon as the deniers to its presence explain those viewings as they are either solar reflections on suspended clouds called spinning top or tornadoes clouds , small meteors that its crystals reflect the sun rays or ball-shaped lightning throw from the sky solar reflections on familiar flying objects at high altitudes and this is the overall point of views of the skeptics of this phenomenon , in the other hand the proponents argue that the flying saucers are spacecrafts have been sent by non-terrestrial civilizations to connect to the earth planet as those civilizations have necessary progress, intelligence and development for such tours in the sky of the earth.

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