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A dead person's funeral was a scene of a unique case raising the surprising to all attendants who came to do the dead prayers, where a strange bird accompanied the dead body along a distance of 350 km. The details of the incident as published in Alyaum Newspaper state that by the end of the worshipers of praying the Dead prayers on the dead person's body whose name was Shojaa Ibin Binch at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and moving him to his birthplace in Haza village of the province Mahd El-Zahabby a dead cart (Al-Sharshorah).


crowd around Ayamn's grave  filling vessels of water coming from grave as a kind of blessing
In October, 2008 a strange phenomenon occurred in the countryside of Tartous city located in Syria, pure quantities of water were found coming from two graves and source could not be defined, Here we mention 2 stories:

1 – Ayman's Tomb
Hundreds of residents of "Khirbet Al-Sendyana" and the surrounding regions came to visit the grave of the child "Ayman" who died at the age 12 to fill their vessels with drops of "blessed water" which was seeping from the grave, other were used their cameras in mobile phones to take photos, the water was seeping through the corners of the grave and from its four corners as it was streaming but with fluctuations. water flow decreases increase from time to time.

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