A dead person's funeral was a scene of a unique case raising the surprising to all attendants who came to do the dead prayers, where a strange bird accompanied the dead body along a distance of 350 km. The details of the incident as published in Alyaum Newspaper state that by the end of the worshipers of praying the Dead prayers on the dead person's body whose name was Shojaa Ibin Binch at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and moving him to his birthplace in Haza village of the province Mahd El-Zahabby a dead cart (Al-Sharshorah).

There were discussions raised  in some Arabian Internet forums about a seance that held for to conduct a contact with poet famous Egyptian Ahmed Shawki's soul who was known as the Prince of Poets in Arab world , This seance had aimed to get a some proof that contact with the dead is possible by introducing a new poetry that has not been known to the people who lived in his lifetime, the story details as follows:

It seems that bleeding is not only limited to the statues of the Virgin Mary as we see in Stigmata alleged phennomena which is considered by a number of the Christianity believers as miracles or signs from the God, In Iran , There is also a tree allegedly bleeds in the dawn of every Ashura day in every year (Ashura is an religious event for Shiit, it matches 10th of Muharram month in Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar) ,


On Saturday,Dec,12th, 2009, A crowd of people gathered to see what was allegedly reflect a luminous incarnate of the Virgin Mary on the Lighthouse of the Virgin Mary's church in "Al-Warraq" area , Cairo , Egypt, As the claiming of her apparition on the dome in a luminous form and the appearance of spiritual objects such as pigeons and talking about miracles of healing those who attended that scene.

I remember that I experienced a strange incidentoccurred in the winter of 1988, when I was 17 years old and was living in a village near "Dara" town in southern Syria, and our neighbors were dealing with a problem in drain , so they drilled a hole in front of their house reached to 3 meters in depth and during the drilling they found a tomb with a stone inclined ceiling from the four corners , then the laborer broke a part of the ceiling so as to gain a buried treasure as well as to the house owners, but the tomb has only the remains of human bones left its impact on the dust and took the form of the body,

Reading the tea leaves and the coffee cup is known as the Tasseography, although this practice rooted in the ancient Chinese art of reading the tea leaves, it also practiced by the clergies. Later this art moved to the Middle East, where the milled coffee took the place of tea leaves, but the Greeks and Turks those who have presented the coffee cup reading to India.

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