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I remember that I experienced a strange incidentoccurred in the winter of 1988, when I was 17 years old and was living in a village near "Dara" town in southern Syria, and our neighbors were dealing with a problem in drain , so they drilled a hole in front of their house reached to 3 meters in depth and during the drilling they found a tomb with a stone inclined ceiling from the four corners , then the laborer broke a part of the ceiling so as to gain a buried treasure as well as to the house owners, but the tomb has only the remains of human bones left its impact on the dust and took the form of the body,


In late 1984 or early 1985 I was in a scientific study tour with a group of colleagues aimed to examine the tribes, customs and the environment in Sudan , the mission consisted of about 90 persons , including students, supervisor professors, and workers .. etc., After we did some explorations we reached the South area of (Fung) in the Blue Nile , In a remote village located on Sudanese-Ethiopian borders called "Yabous", we sat down (six of us) and chat in the evening while we were looking to the water stream flowing under a bridge built over a small river called "Khor Yabous" and it was flinging strongly from the depth of the Ethiopian territories, Then we were surprised with the coming out of a creature from the center of the river moving towards the shore and was walking upright on his feet just like human, the vision was clear, its width was about 12 up to 15 meters ,


For nearly fifteen years, specifically after working for several years in the UAE then returning to Egypt, I decided to buy a taxi and work as a taxi driver as an additional income after finishing the definite time of my governmental work at 2 pm, I used to have my lunch quickly, then drive my car in searching for livelihood until the middle of the night then I go back home to sleep and start again my routine in the morning and so on , and in one of the cold winter nights while the time has exceeded 11pm and the streets were almost empty of pedestrians due to heavy rain and cold weather, so I decided to suffice and then come back home to gain warmth but I found a woman standing alone on the
road side while waving to me but I hesitated little bit ,


Scene from ancient region in Aleppo, a street with walls of Arabian-style housesWhen I was 10 years old or since 35 years ago, I remember that something strange happened in the house of my grandfather which is located in a popular quarter of the Aleppo city (Aleppo: second largest city in Syria and one of most ancient cities in the world), where the effects of oldness appear on this old fashioned Arabian-style house which is divided into several large chambers in addition to a cellar and a hall (Ewan), a large yard in the middle , I was always afraid to sleep in this house. In one of the winter or fall nights I woke up to go to toilet and and suddenly I saw a man praying!, he had a beard and wearing white clothes, it was gallabiya or type of shawl above and also a turban, he appeared that he is in the seventies of his age, then the panic passed in my heart and I decided to go back to bed where I stayed on it, without mobility and I was wishing that he will leave the scene but he did not, so I kept watching him under the hood, he was very clear and was not a vision or a semi-transparent, he used to pray like a Muslim person kneeling and bowing towards the direction of Mecca (Qebla) and recite the holy Koran then I noted a halo of light surrounding him, although it did not happen that I have eye-contact with him, in the next morning I informed both my mother and grandfather about what happened and they told me without no surprise that he was man of God and he haunt the closet (Elkatabiya) which is built in the wall with a wooden doors in a room called (Almurabaa), It is worth mentioning that the room of (Almurbaa) is higher than the hall (Liwan) and it is usually designed for the residential grandfather and grandmother, So our ancestors used to assign names to house rooms (chambers), Such as Liwan, Chamber of waist (Alkhaserah), Chamber of Al-oodah, the Northern Chambers, ..etc , and they told me also that there is another person living in the chamber of "Alkhaserah " , she is lady Nafisa. Finally, despite passage of years this scene has not left my mind till this moment and after I become a grandfather and God knows.
Narrated by G.L (46 years old) - Syria.
The story mentioned above was published and classified as real story according to who narrated them without bearing any responsibility for the truthfulness or accuracy of its events.

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