True Tales: a "stranger" in the back seat

For nearly fifteen years, specifically after working for several years in the UAE then returning to Egypt, I decided to buy a taxi and work as a taxi driver as an additional income after finishing the definite time of my governmental work at 2 pm, I used to have my lunch quickly, then drive my car in searching for livelihood until the middle of the night then I go back home to sleep and start again my routine in the morning and so on , and in one of the cold winter nights while the time has exceeded 11pm and the streets were almost empty of pedestrians due to heavy rain and cold weather, so I decided to suffice and then come back home to gain warmth but I found a woman standing alone on the
road side while waving to me but I hesitated little bit ,

then I decided to stop in feeling pity for her from the cold as she was single without a man beside her at this late hour of the night, then I approached to her with my car and opened the window of her side to inquire about her destination then I found that her path is the same path to my house and I liked that and waved to her to get in the car, and according to the nature of my work I used to take a quick and close look at any passenger get in my taxi to investigate at any emergency events, the woman looked to be at the end of the fourth decade of her age and she was wearing a modest dress and looked to be dignified and wealthy, then the woman sat in the back seat and closed the door and I started to go with dreaming of a hot dinner and warm bed at my home after terminating the task of driving her to her destination, and there were moments of silence and then it seemed to me that I had heard the woman's voice while she speaking from behind me , then I sat up and turned to her in a quick look and I said to her: "Excuse me , did you say something?", but I did not get the answer so I thought that I dozed for a moment due to stress and that the woman had never say a word then I blamed myself to jump to conclusions and I was afraid that she doubt about my behavior so I kept silent and I returned to driving at this moment she returned to speak again at the time where cell phones were not used in Egypt yet then all my senses started to work and I looked at the front mirror and I saw her murmuring with misunderstood words while she was looking at her surroundings so I realized that she was insane and perhaps it was my bad luck, I was ready to any sudden movement of her, however I controlled myself in wishing that she was not crazy and I asked her: "Excuse me , to whom you are talking?!", then she looked at me sharply as she saw me for the first time , then the reply was categorical: "This is not your business, you only have to " so I felt panic because I erred in my thought as her reply was categorical and it was not showing that she was crazy , then I hastened in driving in wishing to be finished of this predicament and I decided to keep silent, then she returned to talk again and in a nervous way also and looked that she threatening something sitting beside her, then I swallowed my spittle as I was very tense, but I thanked God as I reached the desired address and I stopped and ready to proceed without waiting for any fees to get rid of her , but she got out the taxi and offered the specific money to me quietly, which did not has any doubts about her mental abilities but she has left the car door which she got out of it opened , then I asked her gently to close it, but she stood before the door and kept crying at who / which she thought that was sitting beside her to got out the car immediately or she would take revenge of him/it ,then I became crazy as it was too enough for me so I get out the car and closed the door violently and turned around quickly to go away with my car in maximum speed while she was waving to me in clear anger but I did not care about it and started on my way.

Another passenger 
Few moments later I felt a presence of heavy weight in the back seat and I dominated the sense that there was someone behind me and I felt a shiver applicable in my whole body so I began to recite some verses from the Holy Koran, but my feeling has not changed as I felt that this weight increasing and the car slacken and that this invisible presence is almost attacking my neck , then I turned my car with all my strength back to the same place where I left the woman because I thought that she left to me this thing which she was talking with and it was a surprise hat I found the woman has not leave the place where I left her since she got out of my car , then I felt a terrible fear which I have never felt it before as I had a nightmare , and I stopped before her then I got out of the car and begging her to take this thing which she left it with me, and fortunately the woman did not care about me and she started back to look into the car saying angrily: "Did not I warn you and ask you to go out, if you did not come out now , nothing good will happen to you" and I kept looking at the empty car and the angry and confident peremptory tone of the woman , I felt that the place is moving around me and suddenly the back door opened of its own with great force, then I retreated back and I was almost going to loose my consciousness then the woman shouted: "Come with me now and leave the car," and the door closed with the same force then the woman turned to me and said to me in a peremptory tone: "Go quickly and do not look behind you ", then I ran in a very trouble and insanity case as my perspiration mixed with my tears and I felt very cold with intense heat like a volcano inside me and I drove the car on a state of non-described panic, although I did not feel such a sense when I was being accompanied by that strange thing , then I took a sigh of relief after several minutes and shouted with a high voice: "Praise God .. thank God", afterwards I went to my house and told my wife about what happened to me , then I have not driven the car anymore since that incident and we decided to sell the car forever and we actually sold it and I followed my daily life satisfying with my governmental job after I was almost going to loose my mind.

Narrated by Abdul-Sattar (60 years old) – Egypt and Sent by Hossam Hamdi

Those tales were published and classified as real according to who relate them without bearing any responsibility for the truthfulness or accuracy of their details.

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