The popular heritage of Tamazight People tells about a legend called “Hamu Onamir”:

In ancient times there was a very beautiful orphan child named "Hamu Onamir" , he was living with his mother, who brought him up very good and let him go to the school (Kuttab) to learn reading , writing and keeping the Holy Koran By heart. When "Onamir" became a juvenile young man , he was the most beautiful young man in the village and everyone loved and admired his beauty .


Many of us watched Harry Potter adventure movies or read (Harry Potter ) novels which authored by the British J.K Rowling, as "Harry Potter" received his education with his mates in the school of witchcraft , he learnt how to be a practitioner in order to confront the evil magical powers, Is there a real school for black magic ? or it is just an imaginative concept in books or films?

"Mandal" is a special practice or necromancy done by medium in form of spiritual seance, usually Jinns/Spirits whois thought to share same place with living ) and by questioning them , where they brought a non-adult boy aged between 9 and 12 years ,
held by some believers to solve crime cases by knowing the identity of who committed the theft or murder and even used to find the lost valuables things through calling The Residents or Ummar (Type of

Fencing is one of the ceremonial features of the ritual ceremonies which is performing by the Sufis Sheikhs , as those ceremonies including some shows by stabbing a metal skewer ("Shish" in Persian language) or a sharp tool in the body of "The petitioner " or in his/her face and those ceremonies may also have jumping on hot coals or eating alive snakes. Interestingly in this phenomenon in that there is no bleeding despite the breakthrough of the "Shish" into the person's body from side to the other side in some cases. The Sufis consider that who plays that role has a "Blessings" of God or a unique ability, despite the occurrence of this phenomenon is not limited to those of the Muslims Sufi, but we can also see it in some of the Hindus rituals.


Precious Stones
A popular legend tells that Jinn are afraid of wolves and according to this legend, If Jinn is seen by a wolf coming towards him he will not be able to move and if wolf urinate on him he will be transformed into a cameo , then Jinn will be locked into that shape , and he will stays in this way till finally falls into human hands, then he will appears in dreams visions of that human trying to offer his services in order to set him free from his transformed shape , This legend reminds us of the Aladdin’s magical lamp and genie inside, There is also there also a widespread belief established in people minds about the power and the influence of the precious stones as they (the stones) bring the livelihoodand eliminate the negative power of envy eye, or even help to increase sexual drive of men.

crowd around Ayamn's grave  filling vessels of water coming from grave as a kind of blessing
In October, 2008 a strange phenomenon occurred in the countryside of Tartous city located in Syria, pure quantities of water were found coming from two graves and source could not be defined, Here we mention 2 stories:

1 – Ayman's Tomb
Hundreds of residents of "Khirbet Al-Sendyana" and the surrounding regions came to visit the grave of the child "Ayman" who died at the age 12 to fill their vessels with drops of "blessed water" which was seeping from the grave, other were used their cameras in mobile phones to take photos, the water was seeping through the corners of the grave and from its four corners as it was streaming but with fluctuations. water flow decreases increase from time to time.

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