A Bird hovering around a dead body

A dead person's funeral was a scene of a unique case raising the surprising to all attendants who came to do the dead prayers, where a strange bird accompanied the dead body along a distance of 350 km. The details of the incident as published in Alyaum Newspaper state that by the end of the worshipers of praying the Dead prayers on the dead person's body whose name was Shojaa Ibin Binch at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and moving him to his birthplace in Haza village of the province Mahd El-Zahabby a dead cart (Al-Sharshorah).

The entire worshipers surprised by a bird was trying by various access to get in the cart and when the deceased man relatives tried to keep it away , a number of Sheikhs interfered and asked them not to harm the bird at all. The bird accompanied the dead body to a distance reached to 350 km, standing on the deceased head and raising its head up and down with each recitation of the Holy Koran verses, and did not leave the deceased body until the moment of burying the dead body in the tomb, and then flew up in a vertical way until became vanished. Meanwhile, a member of the Senior legists Sheikh "Abdullah Ibin Jibrin said that: This incident is a sign of what the good works of the deceased in his lifetime and this is a sign of righteousness.

- The deceased's son Fahid narrates what happened as a commentary to Arabia Net, saying: "My father died in the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah and the cause of death that he was diseased with cancerous tumors in the liver and we ask God to consider his suffering as atoning for his sins and have mercy on him and have mercy on all Muslims dead ... And about what was disbelieved by some people and raised a doubt about its reality by other people , I will narrate the full story for only one reason that because many of those who attended the scene, impressed by it especially after the interpretation of many of Sheikhs that this is a good news and I wish that this story has an impression in your hearts, whenever and wherever nobody knows when one dies ... My father's will that to buried between his parents' tombs in "Haza" village of the province Mahd El-Zahab which lies 350 kilometers from Mecca, and after he died in the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah , we desired to pray for him in the Grand Mosque in Mecca , it was at dawn of Monday and after the prayer, a bird came (smaller than a turtledove in gray color and with a golden colored neck) and we did not know from where , it selected my father's body among many dead funerals and took landed on my father's belly, the attendants tried several times to set it away, but they could not, then His Eminence Sheikh "Al-Jehni" Imam of the Grand Mosque told them after we finished the prayers to leave it because it is ordered... till we carried the dead body to the dead cart and the bird stayed on his body at his head direction, I was in the car that transported him watching it and trying more than once to catch it, but something stopped me ... the bird remained raising its head up and down all the way like it was praying for my father's body where it was fixed in its place until we reached the village, where the body intended to be buried in it and we set the dead body down to enable those who can not attend to pray for him to do so ,Before exclaiming God is great by the Imam , the bird flew up until we finished the prayers, then it returned back to the same state, then we carried the dead body to the tomb, but before we set him in the tomb , the bird flew up again heading towards the Kiblah, and after a close distance, its direction became perpendicular until it became vanished".

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  1. Great Professor Kamal Ghazal

    New Stories from this site.....And modern ideas u tell us......
    Signals and the missionaries in this story come from Angels
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    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
    As for those who say: Our Lord is Allah, then continue in the right way, the angels descend upon them, saying: Fear not, nor be grieved, and receive good news of the garden which you were promised


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  4. A bird hovering over a dead body ===>>

    - - - - a bird came (smaller than a turtledove in gray color and with a golden colored neck) and we did not know from where , it selected my father's body among many dead funerals and took landed on my father's belly, the attendants tried several times to set it away, but they could not, then His Eminence Sheikh "Al-Jehni" Imam of the Grand Mosque told them after we finished the prayers to leave it because it is ordered...

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