Seance of Poet Ahmad Shawki

There were discussions raised  in some Arabian Internet forums about a seance that held for to conduct a contact with poet famous Egyptian Ahmed Shawki's soul who was known as the Prince of Poets in Arab world , This seance had aimed to get a some proof that contact with the dead is possible by introducing a new poetry that has not been known to the people who lived in his lifetime, the story details as follows:

"A professor in law from Cairo University named Raouf Ebeid who was loving his mother and suffered very much after she passed away, so he tried to conduct a seance to contact her soul, and after he did he believed that his mother actually attended the seance, Then he began to tell his colleagues and acquaintances about the matter but they did not believe him, So he replied: "The experience is the best proof of the pledge is between us, So I will conduct a seance for the poet Ahmed Shawki's soul and let him tell you a poetry to believe that"

and before they start they brought a simple country woman to be a medium where the soul of Ahmed Shawki moved in her (as alleged) , then she began to speak and told them a poetry called (The Wedding of The Pharaoh). When that poetry has been offered to the literary critics later, they agreed that it has the same  characteristics of Ahmed Shawki's poetry , except the literary critic Shawky Daif who was reticent about the subject".

Ahmed Shawki:  A Brief Biogrphy
Ahmed Shawki Bey who was nicknamed as "The Prince of Poets" is an Egyptian poet, was born in Cairo in 1868 whose father was from Kurdish origin and his mother from Turkish origin, he joined the School of Law, then the School of Translation and then traveled to France to study the law at the expense of Khedive Tawfiq Ibin Ismail.  He resided in France three years and obtained the final certificate on July 18, 1893. then has been exiled by the British to Spain and he chosed to live in Andalusia in 1914 and stayed in the exile until 1920.

Nicknamed as The Prince of Poets in 1927 and died on October 23, 1932, and he is considered by Munir Al-Baalbaki as one of the greatest Arab poets of all times, where he mentioned that in his famous dictionary Al-Maoured.   He has been Commemorated in Italy by erecting a statue for him in one of Rome gardens, and he was the first poet in the ranks of the poetic theater. Ahmed Shawki's poetry was famous for that it was written out of the affection in many subjects, where he poetized in the praise of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), and poetized in politics which was the cause of his exiling in Spain.

Seance and Islamic Belief
Most muslims do not believe in possible commincation with dead through seances, Instead they believe that an entity plays role in that, it is type of Jinn who stay with human all his life as hidden spouse and it knows everything about his life, It is called "Qarin" in Arabic Language, and  it impersonate the dead and it has ability to transform in any shape or apparition similar of that dead, so Seance will  be just a session with summon the spouse or Qarin.

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  2. के लिए मर के साथ संवाद है. "बैठक" के लिए "का वर्णन एक और दुनिया से संदेश प्राप्त किया जाता है.

  3. mit den Toten kommunizieren. "Séance" wird verwendet, um zu beschreiben "Empfangen von Nachrichten aus einer anderen Welt

  4. comunicare con i morti. "Seduta spiritica" è usato per descrivere "la ricezione di messaggi da un altro mondo

  5. общаться с мертвыми. "Сеанса" используется для описания "получать сообщения из другого мира..

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  7. לתקשר עם המתים. "סיאנס" המשמש לתיאור "מקבלת מסרים

  8. de communiquer avec les morts. "Séance" est utilisé pour décrire «la réception de messages d'un autre monde.

  9. να επικοινωνήσουν με τους νεκρούς. "Séance" "χρησιμοποιείται για να περιγράψει" τη λήψη μηνυμάτων από έναν άλλο κόσμο.

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