Bleeding Trees

It seems that bleeding is not only limited to the statues of the Virgin Mary as we see in Stigmata alleged phennomena which is considered by a number of the Christianity believers as miracles or signs from the God, In Iran , There is also a tree allegedly bleeds in the dawn of every Ashura day in every year (Ashura is an religious event for Shiit, it matches 10th of Muharram month in Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar) ,

In Shura day, Shiites remember the martyrdom of Al-Hussein (Prophet Mohammad's grandson) in Karbalaa (a city in Iraq) in 680 AC or  61 Hijri , Some Shiites believes the blood that is shedding from the tree is a sign that represents Al-Hussein's blood, Others believe that tree bleeds sadly for murder of Al-Hussein, A crowd of people gathered to seek blessing with what being bleed from the tree. News of this quickly spreaded  in the Arab Web-forums in recent years, But there is no actual verification of red fluid which seeps through the tree branches or discover its reason.

Another Tree in Iraq
The Iraqi newspaper AlKala recently published a story of another bleeding tree where an Iraqi citizen confirmed that he saw a red liquid like blood flowing profusely out from a tree called Nabk ad it is planted in his house garden , this happens on the afternoon of same Ashura day.

- Mr. Sadiq Jafar Elewy, who described what happened as (A divine miracle) because it coincided with the anniversary of Al-Hussein martyrdom ,said that the flow of this red liquid continues for forty days, and starts every year little after the mid-afternoon of the tenth day of Muharram and ends on the twentieth of Safar (second month in Islamic Calendar).

-Elewy also added to AlKalaa Iraqi weekly Newspaper which reported this story that the strangest thing is the timing of the flowing of (blood), which begins in the same time of Al- Hussein martyrdom, pointing out that he is going to examine this red liquid laboratory to identify its components.

- Mr. Sadiq, who lives in the Arabian Gulf district in Baghdad mentioned that this phenomenon started after afternoon prayers on Ashura Day with coming out a little amount of red fluid substance reached twenty centimeters in length and then the situation has developed later as shown in the image which surprised everybody saw it.

Possible  Explanations
Unfortunately, there is no emphasis around the nature of that red liquid which is claimed to be a blood so far, but science has a ready explanation for the trees bleeding phenomenon where the reason is due to fungus or blights infect the tree such as insects like the branches beetle and another types of infections. And the question remains here: Why this bleeding occurs only on Ashura Day (As was alleged) ?

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  1. -Just To let You know
    There's a tree Like this in our city ..it crys blood in 10th of Muharram ...if you want some pics..i'll give you that


  2. Well post this on..and good look of this one..thanks for sharing here with us.

  3. mmmmmm actually I can't believe except if I see it by my eyes , pictures are not enough =]
    I do believe that plants have feelings , but don't have blood as humans have , that's my opinion ..

  4. Trees, don't have blood! That is not an opinion, that is a fact!.

    & pleas leave the fake stories away, God/Allah, doesnt need your fake stories to show hes greateness, hes creation and everything you see is a miracle, you are a miracle yourself.
    As for teh ref fluid, it can surely have an explenation, it is not weird for a plant to do some activity on a certin time in a year, alot of plants do that, like flowering and etc...

    & don't act like you truly beleive that it happened because of the Shias event or what so ever, why do trees cry for the death of Hussein and don't cry for the death of the prophet Mohamed(peace be upon him) or other prophets?

    Pleas be subjective and reasenebal, some things can't really be explained and have it's secrets, like ghost stories sometimes or ancient deep past, etc etc... and this is not one of them.

    I assume that you have heard of the same red blood-like fluids, but in antartica, you assume that antartica is crying too? No, it is a bacteria that makes that, and it is some millions years old.

    & I am very sure, and absolutly sure that this have an explenation unlike you said, there must be something about it, it is not something diffucult to study, it is a life form, it can be studied, and I see that this happen only in some certin type of trees.

    Some trees also "cry" as you want to reffer to, and in certin time in year.
    & this 10 Ashura day and that crying tree (that apparently keep doing that for 40 days, and not for one day wich is the 10th of Ashura, or not)is just a chance.

  5. I hope that I get a reply.

  6. its real miracle ofgod nd its true i beleive


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