People of Upper Egypt have a distinctiveness culture which is dominated by certain beliefs and customs that some people still believe in them , one of those beliefs is described as " Cat-Like Child" as they believe that the souls of twin children come out of them at night and they wander in the houses and the surrounding places and eat all what they like and destroy the rest, and in some cases they maybe planning to take revenge of any person who has insulted them during the day as they destroy the his/her food or steal it , and some people believe also that the cats-like child dies (loses his/ her soul) if anybody wakes him/her up while his/her soul still wandering and materializing as a cat.

For nearly fifteen years, specifically after working for several years in the UAE then returning to Egypt, I decided to buy a taxi and work as a taxi driver as an additional income after finishing the definite time of my governmental work at 2 pm, I used to have my lunch quickly, then drive my car in searching for livelihood until the middle of the night then I go back home to sleep and start again my routine in the morning and so on , and in one of the cold winter nights while the time has exceeded 11pm and the streets were almost empty of pedestrians due to heavy rain and cold weather, so I decided to suffice and then come back home to gain warmth but I found a woman standing alone on the
road side while waving to me but I hesitated little bit ,

Perhaps the State of Kuwait is the most country in the Arab region which has seen an intense activity of viewing the unknown flying objects, but unfortunately it did not receive the necessary attention to investigate in it and there were not available evidences , visual recordings or adequate official records despite the importance of those views by many witnesses, in the Western countries many associations and research organizations were established to study those phenomena as it collect and document those viewings and subject them to study and the opposite which we see in our Arab region that lack of such studies and in the following we will mention some of the most important incidents of those:

1 – The accident of "Um Al-Aish"
The most famous viewings of the flying saucers which caught the attention of local and Gulf press that in 1970 and just 50 km from the capital of Kuwait and particularly in the region of "Um Al-Aish" there was seen a flying saucer hovering over one of the oil pumps and despite of its hovering for a long period , it has not been observed by staff only when one of those oil pumps was stopped of working and a number of workers ( 7 workers) - including an American expert - went to the broken-down site at once as when they approached the station , their car stopped of working and the workers completed the distance on foot after they failed to find failure in the car and a big surprise was waiting for them upon their arrival in the station, where they found the station was completely stopped of working and close to it standing a strange cylindrical object with a huge size more than that of a plane and that object remained anchored for more than five minutes, and the team was tightened without any slightest mobility and suddenly that object decided to leave and started to shake quickly before rising up from the ground without any slightest noise and the strange thing is that this object has not been monitored at all through any of the surrounding area radars and the team who saw that flying saucer believes that it was the direct cause of the oil station stopping and the car breaking down which they were traveling in it and their belief is definitely true to a large extent as it is known to the researchers in the phenomena of flying saucers that its appear paralyzes any kind of mechanical movement in the region where it surrounds, including cars. The Public Security Department boss referred that all witnesses who were the members of the team have wide scientific abilities and great knowledge which making them far from the level of lying suspicion and fabrication.

2 – Al-Abraq incident ( in the north side of Al-Ahmadi city)
In the eighties and during the war between Iraq and Iran , Kuwaiti officials announced that their air defense forces have foiled an attempt to infiltrate which performed by unknown air target, then "Al-Qabas" and "Al-Anbaa" newspapers narrated from military officials that the radars detected the target as it was trying to enter the airspace of Kuwait, some 15 kilometers of the southern boundary in the north of "Al-Ahmadi" region and the air defense forces fired two "Ossa" anti-aircraft missiles and some sources described the target as a balloon and the officials said that after seconds launching the two missiles , it was seen a red ball of fire in the sky , also there were 17 citizens saw an oval object emerges a radiation light of it in the form of a triangle which its base was towards the sky and remained flying in the sky for two minutes before moving east, "Al-Anbaa" newspaper has reported that it can not be certain that what those young men saw who were spending a summer evening in the desert region "Al-Abraq" whether it is true or not but they said that a border patrol which was passing in the scene saw the same object.

3 - Kuwait – Cairo flight incident in 1980
Kuwait Airport
According to a reliable source in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior that Kuwait in 1980 investigated in a report which presented by the Kuwait Airways pilot - Operations Manager - "H. Shamlan", who said in a private report: "During my return from Cairo to Kuwait through the trip (KU542) , the weather was perfectly clear and as the plane was landing to the level (15,000-feet) to be ready to land at Kuwait International Airport, I saw something very strange and not into my account, it was a huge ball of bright light moving steadily towards the northwest of Kuwait City for a little less speed than the that of the plane and it remained clear to sight till we descended under a layer of haze and began approaching the runway! ", the strange thing is that "Shamlan" was not the only viewer of this strange ball as it has been reported at the same time by the flight crew (KU708) which was coming from Khartoum, at 90 miles from Kuwait City and in general, everyone think that "Shamlan" watching was sufficient as he is a very efficient and balanced person with the testimony of all people.

4 - TV station incident - 1978
In 1978 a flying saucer landed in Kuwait near a station of satellites broadcasting and led to a full stop to the station as this incident has been reported in the local press and also it has been published as an incident of (1st type) in several international magazines which are specialized in following-up those phenomena, but it seems that the little number of viewers to this incident led to an underestimation of attention of it significantly.

5 - Fishing trip incident - 2009
In 10 November, 2009 , 4 young men went in a fishing trip to catch the "Al-Haddaqah" fishes as their names were "Jarah Al-Felkawy" , "Hassan" , "Ragab" and "Abbas" on an admiral cruiser board (tank) destined for "Al-Reksah" region which is located in the north of Kuwait and when they reached there in the midnight of Tuesday , they have loosened the fishing ropes till a large round light of yellow color appeared of long space and it was surrounded of its both sides with small lights ranging in size from 4 to 5 lights , in the beginning "Hassan" thought that it was a meteor or an asteroid, but when he checked it more he set aside that it was like that as if it was a meteor or an asteroid , it would fallen, but the light was flashing and going into the space horizontally and it made "Hassan" to stand as if pinned to the tank just like a nail, as "Hassan Al-Haddaq" (Al-Haddaq: A title to who catching such kind of fleshy fishes), saw a yellow round light such as a flashlight which was switched on and off as well as the yellow lights on either right and left sides.

6 - Other separated incidents
Engineer Mr. "Abdullah Al-Matiri", who graduated of Kuwait university in computer engineering department saying that he had seen an unidentified object which looked like the flying cigar while he was in a plane in backing to Kuwait after a study tour in the USA as he assured to me that he thought at first that he was imagining that, but his friend who was sitting next to him assured watching it as well . And Mr. "Mohammed Al-Anzi" who is a student at the PAAE (Public Authority for Applied Education) said that he had seen a flying object in a strange figure in one of those days where he was camping outdoors in fresh air in the wilds of Kuwait and he assured to me that he was not the only one who saw it but even his friends admitted to view it as well. There is also a large number of individual modern viewings which took place in the nineties of the last century, as in a special survey on the flying saucers phenomenon in Kuwait which carried out by (Al-Anbaa) newspaper were interviewed a large number of persons who claim that they have seen the flying saucers in all areas of Kuwait.

Observer of the flying saucers viewings according to a study conducted in USA will notice that those viewings are increasing in areas which are close to wars and we can find that the location of Kuwait was close to the events of those wars such as the Iraq-Iran war and Gulf War II and finally the recent Iraq war , but the response of the scholars differed over the explanation of this phenomenon as the deniers to its presence explain those viewings as they are either solar reflections on suspended clouds called spinning top or tornadoes clouds , small meteors that its crystals reflect the sun rays or ball-shaped lightning throw from the sky solar reflections on familiar flying objects at high altitudes and this is the overall point of views of the skeptics of this phenomenon , in the other hand the proponents argue that the flying saucers are spacecrafts have been sent by non-terrestrial civilizations to connect to the earth planet as those civilizations have necessary progress, intelligence and development for such tours in the sky of the earth.

The sun of Major knowledge or (The sun of knowledge & kindly knowing) is a spiritual book written by "Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Bonny", as the scholars said about it book that it is a witchcraft book which is full of misunderstood talismans and combinations , the first part of it which is consists of 577 page, is published by "The popular library of Beirut" in 1985 in addition to that, it contains four letters at its end which are authored by "Abd El-Qader Al-Husseini Al-Adhami", which are respectively:
- Scales of justice in the purposes of the sand rules.
-Introductions of inclinations in the properties of the planets.
- Flowers of meadows in zodiac signs.
- Mild of reference in the properties of planets.

This book remains the most famous book to magicians at all, to our knowledge, this book which is being sold in the markets now is not the original one but it is a commercial book for material gain as it is lesser in pages , incomplete and distorted in comparing with the original edition which is written 200 years ago and published in 3 large volumes.

About the author
He Is "Abu Al-Abbas Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Bonny" who is born in the Algerian province "Bonna" which is called now "Annaba" and died in 622H / 1225ac in "Tunisia", he is one of Sufism masters, he authored a book called "The sun of major knowledge" to teach witchcraft and "The source the wisdom assets" which is one of witchcraft books also and a book called "Names of God and verses of the Holy Koran", the most famous professors to him is "Abu Yazyd Al-Bastami".

Strange stories about the book
Many forums dealt with news that there were strange events occurred to anyone has this book when trying to read some chapters of it but it is not verified the truth of those allegations although that raises a question: Are those stories have been circulated to get away from going into those topics which set people aside of God and religion as claimed or this is what really happened?! , Here such stories (in the vernacular updated language as received):

Story  1
"You know "The sun of Major knowledge" book as it is a book of witchcraft and sorcery , once day a friend of my brother brought it and fortunately he had boycotted reading the first papers of this book because when anyone read those page , the jinn appear to him/her at once "May God protect us from them" , the book was very old even it is stitched with strange threads, when I read it , I read the most amazing things as it includes many things such as the names of the jinn "May God protect us from them", and how can anybody bring them and strange drawings and figures including the names of the planets .... When my brother brought that book at first in the same day afternoon , we were sitting in the external garden of our house, and suddenly someone came then my brother and my family said to me "Go to see what he wants", then I went towards him and when I saw him at first , I terrified and shocked form his frightened figure as his figure was really scary and very strange as his eyes are protruding and his smile is sly , then he began to shake hands and the first thing when my hand touched his hand I felt something strange to the point I started shaking with fear and felt cold in his hand and I was no longer afford that till my brother came and shacked hands with him and even my brother scared when he saw him but he kept pace with him normally and when I look at his legs I found them were very strange indeed as they were big and blown up from the front though he was short and my brother noticed that thing and told me "That strange person came to ask for a charity and I gave it to him" .. Then we used to see him every day at the mosque or the supermarket which are all were close to us .. Sure you may say now that this strange thing was not connected to the book, but after my brother returned the book to his owner , that person disappeared and we no longer saw him at all and when we discussed the topic, we were told that he was of the jinn "May God protect us from them" and God knows and I advise anyone that if he /she got this book by chance ,not to read it in order to avoid the terrifies. "

Story 2 
"In short, someone requested to take it to copy it in the library, actually, when he began to copy it, the first thing which happened is that the glass bowl been broken by its own in front of me and suddenly the electricity cut off?? Only from this library?! And the other libraries were lightened as regular! It is said that this dirty book has servants of the jinn,! May God protect us of this book and thank God that I did not buy it .. and I myself read utmost astonishing talismans in it? and you may believe me or not? the first day I brought it from my friend to my house after 100 failed trials, my friend entered the hospital because of a tumor with unclear reason? and most of my buddies deserted me in the same day? And even when I contact them ,their landline phone was always busy? and when I asked them after returning the book! They astonished as in the same day there was none at home as they live alone? And they thought that it was interlacement of phone lines? Although I tried to contact them many times...??!!"

Story 3 
 "A person who was one of the best people in character, morals and knowledge, but I heard that he read this book "The sun of knowledge" and became crazy and he is still in our city till now touring the streets on his feet and not being tired of walking!! Those are three stories told by someone on the Internet and I related them to you then are those stories true? Is the book "The sun of major knowledge" having servants of the jinn? What is the truth about those who been hurt with madness when they read this book? Is this book of its fame that the rumors increased about it including those stories which we hear about? ".

Also Read
- The Pharaonic mercury and The Priest Oil


The great chemist in history Jaber Ben Hayyan (who has also title:father of Chemistry) mentioned that Mercury has two types: first type is the metallic mercury, which exists in nature, and the second type is that which is being educed from all things, which means that it is being composed of all materials which are exist in nature, and the last type is known among some less-educated public and even educated ones under the name of "The Pharaonic mercury" particularly in recent times, as they do not classify it as a chemical compound but a complex as a magic material which has breathtaking specifications. Although it is impossible to install it scientifically where there is not a compound consisting of all chemical elements which have been listed in the periodic table of "Mandliev". And before entering into the corridors of Pharaonic mercury legend, we recall a little thing which happened with the label Arab scientist Ben Hayyan who received his knowledge at the hands of his father (Jaber Ben Abdullah) who was working as druggist (Attar in Arabic spelling) and he taught him the secrets of metals and stones, but he warned him of the search for Elixir (The Philosopher's Stone: read about it below) that thing which the scientists and people were searching madly for it throughout the ancient ages, and in the middle ages in purpose of transmutation of the inferior metals into gold bad what was known as the science of Alchemy "Alchemy" and as a Elixir of life which eternize the person who found it, and we can find a big similarity with the myth of the Pharaonic mercury which circulates nowadays in Middle East and fascinating some people minds and let them struggling and fighting desperately in searching of it , though they will never find it and the following lines tell us about the origin of this alleged mercury.
The Pharaonic mercury as a "Magical Material"
The seekers for the Pharaonic mercury claim that it is a magical material which is similar only in format (not in the properties) the white medical mercury (in fact it has a silver color) which located in the pressure gauges and thermometers(measuring temperature pipes) but it takes other different colors such as red , yellow-green and black and this Pharaonic mercury can be found inside a stone pipe (Ampoule) (Ampoule: This term is used by those to refer to the cartridge which contains the alleged mercury), but it has no vent to open and no cover of it though it is hollow of inside , and if it been jolt by who hold it , it gives a sense of jolting without a voice and when the clever persons asking them about the method to put that mercury inside the stone pipe "Ampoule" with no vent of it to be closed after filling it , they answer: "This is one of the magical characteristics by the pharaohs which is added to the many other magical properties of this marvelous material and they describe the form of this pipe (Ampoule) saying:" This stone Ampoule must be drawn or inscribed with the symbol of scorpion on one side and a symbol of cobras as these are Pharaonic symbol then the key of life symbol which is used by the Pharaohs (It embodies the idea of immortality to the Pharaohs) and this stone (Ampoule) would be inside the mummies of the King particularly in the throat which the priests put it to keep the king body from the rot , decay , disintegration, or in the vagina for women if those mummies belonging to queens".

- Comment
According to this idea, this magical mercury Ampoules exist only in the royal tombs, However it did not happen to find it once during the exploration in the royal tombs or in the mummy of the tomb owner (king or queen), as there are none of those stone pipes "Ampoules" ,which they call!
The TradeThe pharaonic mercury Ampoule contains three grams and one- third gram, namely three and one-third of small grains, and there are other Ampoule which contains seven, and one- third grams, and that Ampoule is slightly longer than the first and I do not know the importance of one-third gram specifically here and how it can be seen bye the naked eye if the whole grain of it is so micro, then what for that one–third gram?! , The Pharaonic mercury characterized by three types of colors according to their claims, namely, (red mercury) and it is the cheapest of these three species as the gram from it can be sold with only $US 15 million !, and the dealer takes the whole Ampoule with $US 45 million (for that Ampoule which contains three grams and one - third gram) but he does not pay for that one - third gram as he takes it over the pledge and the second type is (yellow – green mercury) and the price of a gram from it equal $US 20 million , while the third type which is the last one (black mercury) is the most expensive species as the price of a gram of it equal $US 30 million!

- Physical Characteristics Allegations
When the Ampoule of the Pharaonic mercury broken and the of mercury spills on the ground, they gather and unite as one big pill without being absorbed by the dust of the earth, and if the one - third gram being isolated from the rest of the three grams, and then put the three grams into the Ampoule without placing the one-third gram and re-welding the stone Ampoule again, then if anyone tried to jolt it , it will not happen the same result of previous sensation of shaking (the sensation of shaking only happens when you add the one - third remaining gram.
- Comment
It should be noted that the regular medical mercury which found in nature has the same effects which would happen with the alleged Pharaonic mercury as mercury is a metallic element (from metals) but it is in a liquid state and there is no existence of the miraculous properties here.

- Health Benefit Allegations
Some people claim that the Pharaonic mercury with its three colors is a magical material purchased by traders and pay millions to profit billions beyond it as they sell it to the princes and kings and the wealthy who suffer from aging or impotence by injecting a gram of it in the last vertebra at the bottom of the spine then the youth renewed with strength and sexual powers back to those men even if they are hundred years old of age , and it is used in the treatment of many diseases such as blindness, leprosy, arthritis and many other chronic diseases.
- Allegation: A way to downloaded via Jinns
The Pharaonic mercury has other uses by Charlatans (Sheikhs as some prefer to call them) as they buy it to feed it to their servants of the Jinn then those Jinn vitality and youth goes back and this look like myth myth of Youth Fountain, to them with a view to help their masters (Charlatans), in extracting the treasures after the Jinn who is five thousand years old for example,to a young jinn in thirties of his age! , then that Sheikh (Charlatan) download billions of bank funds which are stolen by the Jinn without being seen or felt by the employees or guards of this bank and even without opening the bank steel safes, but the Jinn has the ability to penetrate and steal the contents without a voice, pop or break.

- Comment
Is it reasonable that such stealing of billions of funds by the jinn disappear from the bank without being discovered by the bank accountants whether it is a Swiss bank or in any other country though that money is in banks must be counted daily and if it has been discovered that disappearance of one hundred dollars only then it will be a great disaster, and perhaps the police being called to investigate and search for the thief and the media would inform this strange news to all people around the world, as how can all these billions disappear without opening or breaking the steel safes?!

A methods for swindle and fraud
The sale and purchase of the (Pharaonic mercury) follow a series of trading intermediaries between the owner of the Ampoule and the final buyer , and after , Finding a dealer can agree to buy it (Ampoule) then the owner begin to dictate terms to the dealer in indirectly way through a series of intermediaries and one of those terms that the owner wants to get the full price of the Ampoule before the merchant crushing it , but if this sheikh (Charlatan) is Non-Egyptian or far from Egypt, the Sheikh (Charlatan) will tell those intermediaries that he would not come to Egypt except after he been confirmed that this Ampoule includes true Pharaonic mercury then he command theintermediaries to inform the Ampoule owner that he will do some tests on the Ampoule to verify it, and those tests are:

- 1st test: The owner of the Ampoule must put it behind his back and when his penis erects it will be a sign of test success .

- 2nd test: When the Ampoule being put in front of an electrical lamp and if this lamp blasted then the second test will be succeeded.

- 3rd test: When the Ampoule being put in front of a TV screen or on the TV then the device must be exploded and the third test will be succeeded.

- 4th test: When the Ampoule being put in front of a mirror then the mark this test success is non - reflection of the Ampoule figure in the mirror.

- 5th test: Breaking the Ampoule and putting its pills in a metal dish till they assemble in one pill and then it must put beads of garlic inside the dish, and if the pills of mercury become discordant then the fifth and final test will be succeeded.

- And after the ampoule owner inform the mediators of the merchant or Sheikh that he had held all those tests and has finished them successfully then those cheated mediators who did not see that Ampoule at all or witnessed those false tests will tell the sheikh or the merchant about that and the sheikh or the merchant will ask them to inform the Ampoule owner that there is a final test to make sure of this owner words then he will be able to attend from his country to Egypt with the full price of this Ampoule.

- This last test is the ampoule owner must held it in his left hand and then call this Sheikh by the cell phone where the Sheikh will harness his servants of the jinn on this Ampoule via cell phone and read some of the spells to make sure that this Ampoule already contains Pharaonic mercury , but when the intermediaries tell that to the Ampoule owner , the Ampoule owner quickly rejects on the grounds that this Sheikh may steal the Ampoule contents (grams) of mercury by dragging them from it by his servants of jinn without being seen then he will leave the Ampoule totally empty or downloads the money (theft of money) from banks by this mercury which is subjugated by numbers of jinn who are employed on this Ampoule then the Ampoule contents of Pharaonic mercury will be useless , costless , and nobody will buy it even for one millieme.

- All this superstitious operation needs many long months and possibly the mediators looking for another Sheikh and when they find this Sheikh they ask him to come to Egypt to see this Ampoule in real and examine it by himself, and they tell him that if he found it a real Pharaonic mercury and all his experiments succeeded in front of them , he should buy and pay the full price for the owner; in addition to their share as intermediaries, but if all his tests failed , they will pay a large sum as a penalty clause for this Sheikh or this merchant which be agreed upon in advance and this is what happens often, and the Sheikh or the merchant wins the penalty clause because he is sure that the Pharaonic mercury is not exist at all and it will be his chance to earn money from some as usual, and it is not his fault alone but it is the fault of such intermediaries who run and puff foolishly behind this falsehood, which they call "The Pharaonic Mercury" and believe everyone who say that he possesses an Ampoule of Pharaonic Mercury and they spend their money on the international communications and travel long distances and pay the penalty clause to the Sheikh in the end, after the failure of all tests on the alleged Ampoule which they watch it for the first time only when the Sheikh comes of his country and meet the Ampoule owner and this Ampoule become a stone tube inscribed with a key of life symbol , a scorpion and cobra snake from the outside and it has a hole or crater that when it is broken , a normal medical granules of mercury which do not equal one millieme come out of this Ampoule as it is a thing made specifically to bluff the Sheikhs , traders, intermediaries and wealthy and maybe the owner of this false Ampoule once win, and possibly the Sheikh win in another time, and so on , and it is rumored among those fools that there is another type of mercury called (white spiritual mercury) they say that it is a white Medical , Mercury such as exists in nature, but some light bewitchments exist upon it (Spirituality as they call it) and this type of mercury is not useful in anything and nobody buy it and it has no price in the market of mercury!

Red mercury
There is another type of mercury is using by some predators for deceiving in the absence of the original Pharaonic mercury and they call it (German mercury Ampoule) and they say that it exists in the old power transformers in the High Dam (in Egypt), or within the old German television sets and even in sewing machines of the German-model (Singer) and they describe it as a glass Ampoule which is similar to the piece of glass that is placed inside it a chemical material such as the anti-fire sensors sets which exists in hotels and they claim that this Ampoule contains grains of red mercury and they use it to bluff the wealthy men to delude them saying that it is a Pharaonic mercury , but when a veteran swindler Sheikh or a dealer comes in the and watches this Ampoule he says to the owner that this German mercury also has its price, as it can be sold for one million Egytian pound (LE) in the case of tests succeeding and when those tests succeed, the merchant buy it to defraud the wealthy men who are applicants for the Pharaonic mercury and he sells it to them as a Pharaonic mercury and after the Ampoule owner consents to break the Ampoule which is a piece of glass or stone does not have the symbols which located on the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic mercury Ampoule (as they claim)
- 1st test
After breaking the Ampoule the contents being empty in a glass or metal dish and then the grains of mercury placing over a paper tissue and if this tissue absorbed it or suck the red color then this mercury becomes normal white mercury which being colored in a primitive method , but if it is not absorbed by the paper tissue and the red color of mercury grains did not change ,then the test may be passed successfully.

- 2nd test
This occurs by squeezing a lemon over the German mercury grains inside a metal or glass dish, and if the colorchanged from red to white then the test fails but if the color did not change then the test consider to be successful.

- The inside contents of the mercury Ampoule looks like a white mercury painted carefully in red to use it to bluff the wealthy and of course this happens in rare cases as the coloration for the white medical mercury into red color requires a veteran chemist to manage this process. - And rumor has it that there are some chemists can color the white medical mercury into red color but this color lasts only for few days and after that the mercury which being colored in red be back to its natural white color automatically which means that it must be sold before its corruption to any stupid dealer or idiot rich man who does not know this secret, even if he found it out after the pay then it will be nothing of what he owns of the billions of money , and even if he became furious and wanted to take revenge then he will not find those men who sold the Ampoule to him or any sign of them and there are some people put red fingernails paint in those stone or glass Ampoules, and claim that it is a red German mercury afterwards they enter the circle of fraud either to loose a penalty clause and carry the loss on the intermediaries or to gain some few thousand pounds from idiots as a price for an Ampoule filled by nail varnish which its price is not more than one pound.

Priest Oil
There is another strange material occurs a great din in the community those people who search to be quickly wealthy by fraud and swindling, but this din is dwarfed in the din of the Pharaonic mercury Ampoules and this material is called (The priest oil) and those people say that it is exist in a glass bottle which placing under the head of a priest mummy buried a Pharaonic cemetery, and its estimated size is equal a bottle of liquid medicine , and it contains a magical oil invented by priests of ancient Egypt and it also can be sold in grams, but its price is not the same as the price of the Pharaonic mercury but it remains expensive, and said that the charlatans use it as a treatment for leprosy,rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain by fating the whole body of the patient or fating the infected part only with a small drop of this oil then the patient recovered and be safe and sound and it is also used in the treatment of Vixen diseases (empty areas of hair in the head) and in the cases of hair loss as it grows again naturally .

- Comment
Interestingly, in this matter is that the priests of ancient Egypt were bald heads completely according to the rules of their work in the priesthood contrary with the priests of the ancient civilizations who were left their hair for more than a meter, and most men in the ancient Egypt were bald heads too!, and if the purpose of this material that to cure skin diseases or hair loss in women, then why we do not say that it is a natural material compound of a variety of herbs and other natural materials, such as those which the ancient Egyptians used in mummifying process , but with certain rates which were not known to other people just like the herbs and spice dealers in all times?! And why those fraudsters link it with witchcraft and say that it is a magical material harnessed by the jinn and can only be used by a magician or a charlatan? , The answer here lies in that they want to fraud by it and to deceive the naive people as they are many.
A True story
This story has taken place in Egypt to an Egyptian very rich and famousbusinessman called Mr. Shaker (50 years old) as he was a victim of fraud and deception of charlatans and he listened to them and believed their words and followed their footsteps as his greed to increase his funds blinded him away of any mental rule or even religious rule, as in someday, someone came to him and introduced himself, saying: "I am (So and so) from another governorate of Upper Egypt, and I am great experienced in downloading a lot of money and stolen it from banks of Switzerland and Europe by the Red mercury through feeding it to the jinn from mercury then this jinn do what we want and bring us what we want of billions of dollars, but I can not afford to buy an Ampoule of red mercury which I have seen with someone after he extracted it from a Pharaonic tomb and he offers it for sale now and I want you (Shaker) to buy it from this owner in order to achieve what we want", and those words of the charlatan came to Shaker after increasing his knowledge with each other as this charlatan knew that he is searching always for treasures and the Pharaonic mercury in particular, then the trick of this charlatan fell on(Shaker) then they went to buy the red mercury Ampoule from its owner, after the owner having been remiss a lot to sell it with the confirmation of the charlatan For (Shaker) to buy it with any price as this opportunity will not be repeated as the red Pharaonic mercury is rare then Shaker bought the Ampoule for 15 million U.S dollars with total happiness, then he and the charlatan took the Ampoule and went to the villa of Shaker , then the charlatan asked Shaker to attend a young girl for jinn to sleep with her and to practice the rest of the process of harnessing the jinn and feeding him with the red mercury and then the billion of dollars will be descended and become in the front of Shaker eyes and in the grip of his hand, then Shaker has already achieved all what the charlatan wanted and offered him the luxury foods, wines which continued for a full month, where the charlatan enjoyed all means of luxury and comfort with the beautiful horn girls Inside the villa of Mr. shaker and after the charlatan exercised his all methods of deception and jugglery on shaker during this full month then he told (Shaker) that he has already downloaded billions of dollars which are in abandoned place in desert now and they have to go to enlarge and fortify it against theft again by the jinn!, then they have gone to that place, along with cars and workers and the bodyguards of (Shaker), and the workers dug a large hole after the charlatan wander aimlessly about in the desert to find the basic location of drilling, then paper cartons appeared in the digging place one after the other and when the charlatan opened one of them he found it full of dollar packages then (Shaker) cheered with joy but his joy was not continuous because the police cars stormed the place and they fled leaving the money in the paper cartons .

- Trick revealing
Of course, what happened from the beginning of this story is a series of tricks by the charlatan and his assistants to deceive Shaker and the first trick is purchasing the red mercury Ampoule which was not Pharaonic mercury as the charlatan duped (Shaker) because there is no Pharaonic mercury at all, and secondly , it is rumored that the Pharaonic mercury exists only in the royal Pharaoinc tombs to play its part in saving the king or the queen mummy and treasures from theft by a protection from the jinn who is employed on it although It is not to find such thing in any royal tomb opened by the Egyptian Monuments Administration such as the cemetery of (Tutankhamun), or other tombs , or even by the monuments robbers and there was not anything mentioned about the mercury in the papyrus or texts of the Pharaohs, which contained all their ceremonies, and even if it been found in a Pharaonic cemetery then why the thief retains it alone from the rest King ′s treasures ?! which means that the antiquities dealer, who bought the this King treasures did not pay attention to the presence of a Pharaonic mercury Ampoule in the cemetery, or ask about it although it is known that all antiquities dealers and people are now obsessed with researching for the Pharaonic mercury and it was a fortiori that who found it sell it with the rest treasures, to the dealer instead of searching for another dealer and the risk with this " Precious thing" which could be stolen from him or the police arrest him and then he will loose everything and what we want to clarified here that there is no existence for the so-called (Pharaonic mercury) in its colors: red ,black or yellow- green, but what be found is a normal medical mercury such as that found in thermometers and pressure measuring devices and this was the first tricks from the charlatan to (Shaker) as he with his companions stole 15 million dollars from him, and when the charlatan discovered that (Shaker) is bunker with his bodyguards and he realized that he can not escape and inescapable from him for that he decided to continue in the deception until he passes an opportunity to escape without harm and he already bestowed achieving his desire as after he enjoyed all luxuries and pleasures of sex in a villa of (Shaker), he took him to a place in the desert and made him seeing the paper cartons of dollars which were not more than a few real dollars at the top of the boxes and the rest of dollars were normal white papers and the charlatan assistants , who dressed in police uniforms and carried weapons raided the site before (Shaker) the peruse the contents of those boxes and the fake police officers (who were assistants of the charlatan) threaten (Shaker) and his companions from a distance that allowed everyone to escape so as not to battle with the bodyguards of (Shaker) who were armed too or arrest everyone, and then they will not know where they could leave them ,but what will stabilize in the mind of (Shaker) now that the police had prevented him from receiving the paper cartons of dollars , and he will realize that the escape was the best way to escape from death or prison and he will not doubt about the charlatan at all , and of course, after everyone had fled the charlatan (who was hiding in a place nearby which Shaker did not notice it) returned with his assistants and took the paper boxes, and reposed them in their cars to hide any traces of them in anticipation of the (Shaker) return to search again in this place and then he will discover that they are false dollars of normal white papers.

- Arresting the charlatan
After a year the charlatan has been arrested in a similar incident, but by real policemen in this time ant being put to the prison and in this way Shaker realized finally that this charlatan has continued to deceive him in a full year after seeing his image and his name published in the official newspapers, then Shaker kept silent and the anger possessed him more and more of what happened to him as how he has been misled by a rogue charlatan with those all means, and he is an educated person and a large dealer?!

Philosopher's Stone : a goal of Alchemy practice
It is a legendary material being believed that it can transmute the cheap metals (like lead) into gold and can be used in the manufacture of the elixir of life. The origins of this term is in the science of alchemy which began in ancient Egypt, but the idea of transforming the cheap metals to precious metals (gold or silver) backs to the writings of the Arab alchemist "Jabir ,where he analyzed the properties of the four elements according to (Aristotle), saying the existence of four basic properties which are : heat , cold , drought and humidity. The fire was considered to be hot and dry while dust is cold and dry, while the water is cold and wet and the air is hot and humid. He went on to say that minerals are a mixture of those four elements, as two of them are inside and two externally , and as a result to his hypothesis that it was concluded that the conversion of a metal to another is possible through re-arranging these basic properties. This shift according to the alchemists believing , will happen by a material which they called it "Elixir". Some have said that the Elixir is a red powder of a mythical stone (Philosopher's Stone).

- Some believe that "Ben Hayyan" had drawn his concept for the Philosopher's stone of his knowledge about the possibility of concealing the metals such as gold and silver in alloys and extract them later by chemical treatment . "Ben Hayyan" was also the inventor of the aqua regia (a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid) which is one of the few substances that can dissolve gold (Which is still now used to clean gold by jewelry wholesalers and jewels manufacturer).

- The ancient people thought that the gold is a stainless metal which does not decay ,loose its luster or corrupted, and as the philosopher's stone can turns a corruptible metal to another anti- corruptible metal, so they concluded that it can grant the immortality to the mortal human beings and this belief was trend in the Middle Ages particularly, and the faith in the philosopher's stone remained to prevail till Antoine Lavoisier re-definition of the chemical element.

Finally, Every age has its myths just as the philosopher's stone or the Elixir of life legends which were followed by a plagued by many people in the Dark Ages in Europe, where dominated by the practice of magic and believing in superstitions as well as the ratification of the Pharaonic mercury myth in the era of information revolution and the tremendous progress in all technical fields.

About the book
This article was prepared from the book which called: "Charlatans & Searching for Pharaohs Treasures" which exposes the methods of deception used by magicians and jugglers for smuggling the antiquities of ancient Egypt to the outside or to extort money from victims , it also deals with the classification and definition of the quacks and magic, and mentions the methods of magic practices throughout the history and lists many real stories about the myth of red mercury and harnessing the jinn to bring treasures and it tells about the urban miracles of the Pharaohs and methods of archaeological excavations. The preparing of this book finished in 2008.

About the Author
Hisham Abdel-Hamid, born in 1974 , graduated from the Faculty of Literature of the ancient Egyptians archaeology department then he worked as tour guide and he fluent 4 foreign languages which are : English, French, German and Italian (reading, writing and speaking) in addition to ancient languages such as Hieroglyphs , Hieratic , Demotic and Coptic(language of the Pharaohs).

- "Charlatans & Searching for Pharaohs Treasures " , written by "Hisham Abdel-Hamid"

Scene from ancient region in Aleppo, a street with walls of Arabian-style housesWhen I was 10 years old or since 35 years ago, I remember that something strange happened in the house of my grandfather which is located in a popular quarter of the Aleppo city (Aleppo: second largest city in Syria and one of most ancient cities in the world), where the effects of oldness appear on this old fashioned Arabian-style house which is divided into several large chambers in addition to a cellar and a hall (Ewan), a large yard in the middle , I was always afraid to sleep in this house. In one of the winter or fall nights I woke up to go to toilet and and suddenly I saw a man praying!, he had a beard and wearing white clothes, it was gallabiya or type of shawl above and also a turban, he appeared that he is in the seventies of his age, then the panic passed in my heart and I decided to go back to bed where I stayed on it, without mobility and I was wishing that he will leave the scene but he did not, so I kept watching him under the hood, he was very clear and was not a vision or a semi-transparent, he used to pray like a Muslim person kneeling and bowing towards the direction of Mecca (Qebla) and recite the holy Koran then I noted a halo of light surrounding him, although it did not happen that I have eye-contact with him, in the next morning I informed both my mother and grandfather about what happened and they told me without no surprise that he was man of God and he haunt the closet (Elkatabiya) which is built in the wall with a wooden doors in a room called (Almurabaa), It is worth mentioning that the room of (Almurbaa) is higher than the hall (Liwan) and it is usually designed for the residential grandfather and grandmother, So our ancestors used to assign names to house rooms (chambers), Such as Liwan, Chamber of waist (Alkhaserah), Chamber of Al-oodah, the Northern Chambers, ..etc , and they told me also that there is another person living in the chamber of "Alkhaserah " , she is lady Nafisa. Finally, despite passage of years this scene has not left my mind till this moment and after I become a grandfather and God knows.
Narrated by G.L (46 years old) - Syria.
The story mentioned above was published and classified as real story according to who narrated them without bearing any responsibility for the truthfulness or accuracy of its events.

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