Zikra's Haunted Villa

Zikra the murdered Tunisian Singer
On the dawn of Friday, 30th November, 2003, there was a river of blood in the apartment No. 112 - Saray El-Sultan -Mohamed Mazhar Street in Zamalek in Egypt , 69 gun bullets were fired during 15 minutes of an automatic gun shootings which was held by a businessman "Ayman Al-Sewedy" and pointed it towards his wife Zikra the Tunisian famous singer and also towards his executive director "Amr El-Kholy" and the wife of this late "Khadija" and after the horrible massacre, the businessman commit suicide after he grabbed his pistol and pointed its hole in his mouth .

- Today, after 20 months of the bloody massacre , the crime returned to float on the surface of the events again .. This time was through a bulletin presented by Mr. "Mohammed" the brother of "Ayman Al-Sewedy" to the prosecutor of Qasr Al-Nil and requested a permission to reopen the apartment which was the crime scene after closing it with red wax , The guardians in "Saray El-Sultan" told him that they encountered strange incidents such as strange noises heard from this apartment and bedroom window opened suddenly by itself! , even small stones thrown from unknown source regularly in every night! , Then the DAG (Deputy Attorney General) allowed to open the crime scene and a police force of "Qasr Al-Nil went to this apartment and there they received many requests of the building guards and from a number of neighbors that it is necessary to turn the radio on the Holy Koran radio station because the apartment has become haunted!, Let's recognize the reality of what is going on every night in an apartment which was a crime scene of four killed persons and remained closed and abandoned for more than a year.

- An investigation officer of "Qasr Al-Nil" Police Department, said: "I entered the apartment of "Zikra" and "Ayman Al-Sewedy" more than once after the crime and I toured all over the place in that time without fear, despite of seeing the bodies of the four victims as my job nature and my many viewings for similar crimes cleared me of the fear of viewing the bodies of dead people , but this time when I arrived with my colleagues with the decision of the DAG (Deputy Attorney General) to reopen this apartment which was the crime scene after the bulletin which was presented by Mr. "Mohammed" the brother of "Ayman Al-Sewedy" , I felt a strange feeling and I felt a little fear without any known reason".

Strange Tales
The officer of investigations added: "At 11 am the police car stopped in Saray El-Sultan -Mohamed Mazhar Street in Zamalek and I got out it with my fellow officers and the force accompanying us and we entered the building where Mr. "Mohammed" the brother of "Ayman Al-Sewedy" was waiting for us as he was standing with the bodyguards who were in charge of guarding "Saray El-Sultan" and he stayed listening to them about strange tales which were occurring inside the apartment of his brother in every night. One of the stories that I heard from them informing that the elevator of the building is stopping at 5am which was the same date of the crime commission at the 2nd floor which was the same floor where existed the apartment of "Zikra" and "Ayman Al-Sewedy" where there were not any other apartments in it except this one , then who request for the elevator from any floor to the 2nd floor?! " , the officer kept silent for a moment then he continued: "there was a more stranger story which I heard from the building guard during our standing at the entrance of  "Saray El-Sultan" in those moments as that story was confirming of hearing sound of quarrel coming from inside the apartment at the middle of every night and then some cries of quarreling like "cats cries" arise for five minutes only and those sounds were heard by the building guards who were in charge in the night shift from 8pm till 8am.

The Opened Window
The officer goes on saying: what is important that in that day we got to the apartment of the "Zikra" and "Ayman Al-Swedey" through the building elevator which we stopped it on the 2nd floor and we started in pulling out the red wax from the apartment door on the decision of the Deputy Attorney General and I entered the apartment with the force accompanying us followed by the requests of the building guards to turn on the apartment radio set on The Holy Koran radio station because of those strange and scary things which happening in this apartment and once I entered the crime scene I discovered that the place has not been cleaned from the effects of blood since the date of the accident occurring as the victims blood was on the hall walls , the ground and the furniture and a tape of memories of 14 months began to go through in my imagination when I entered this apartment for the first time after the crime occurring , here on this couch I saw the late singer "Zikra" lying as a bead body and wearing a white training suit and blood covering all her body while she was embracing a small "pillow" infiltrated with several shots , now the couch did not have the body of the "Zikra" but the smell of blood and death is still filling the whole place . Then the investigation officer completed saying: "the purpose of our arrival at the crime scene was to check on the valuables of the apartment ,especially, there was a window opened someday suddenly with no reason which was the window of "Zikra" bedroom , and already Mr. "Mohammed" the brother of "Ayman Al-Sewedy" roamed around the apartment with members of the force accompanying us to check on the apartment effects and valuables like masterpieces and Furniture .. And there was a surprise discovering that there was no loss of anything in the apartment! , then the window of "Zikra" bedroom has not been reopened by a thief as we thought or imagined .. Then who opened the window suddenly?! , we had not found an answer to this question ,especially that I have checked this window very well but there were not any effects of opening from outside the apartment .. In other words, the window has been opened from inside the apartment!

Throwing stones
A security guard from the guards who were in charge of guarding "Saray El-Sultan" in the night shift said: "Once upon a night I heard with my own ears sounds of "cats quarreling" coming from the 2nd floor , then I looked at my colleague who was sharing the night shift with me in fear and quickly our gazes turned to the building elevator and we discovered that it was stopped on the 2nd floor which was not occupied except by the apartment of "Zikra" and "Ayman Al-Sewedy" , then we wondered who was demanded the elevator to this floor?! , but we did not find an answer to this question. And the building guard goes on, saying: "Not within seconds I and my colleague heard strange noises which we did not succeed to explain them but we only knew that its source coming from the 2nd floor , the panic came through our hearts and our fear increased when we heard a sound of a weak crash coming from outside the door of the building , then we left the building running from panic which was accompanied with concern that there would be a burglar trying to enter the building and I went out with my colleague to the street but we did not find anything , afterwards we decided to return to our positions in the building, but before we entered the door of "Saray El-Sultan" , I raised my head up to the 2nd floor and I discovered that the window of "Zaikra" bedroom was opened and small stones were throwing from it ! , and after this strange incident, I informed Mr. "Mohammed" the brother of "Ayman Al-Sewedy" that it was necessary to reopen the apartment and reading some verses of the Holy Koran in it because it has become haunted .. I interrupted the security guard with a question: "Did the building inhabitants complained of what happening in the apartment of "Zaikra"?" , then the guard replied, saying: "Most of the inhabitants of "Saray El-Sultan" are foreigners , but some of them have already complained to the boss of Owners Union, that they were hearing strange noises after midnight and at dawn which coming from the 2nd floor and that boss responded to their complaints that those strange sounds which they hearing may be coming from another floor of the building to calm them down , but the proven truth which has no doubt and which I have seen with my own eyes confirms that there are strange things occurring in the apartment No.112 of "Saray El-Sultan" building in every night!


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