True Tales: The Son of the Sea

In late 1984 or early 1985 I was in a scientific study tour with a group of colleagues aimed to examine the tribes, customs and the environment in Sudan , the mission consisted of about 90 persons , including students, supervisor professors, and workers .. etc., After we did some explorations we reached the South area of (Fung) in the Blue Nile , In a remote village located on Sudanese-Ethiopian borders called "Yabous", we sat down (six of us) and chat in the evening while we were looking to the water stream flowing under a bridge built over a small river called "Khor Yabous" and it was flinging strongly from the depth of the Ethiopian territories, Then we were surprised with the coming out of a creature from the center of the river moving towards the shore and was walking upright on his feet just like human, the vision was clear, its width was about 12 up to 15 meters ,
what really surprised us that the bank near the river was opened and visible, Even you can see any coming object towards the river and as it was getting late, about 2:00 am , The movement on the river had stopped and all members of the mission went to sleep which made it easier to ascertain that this creature certainly did not come from the bank , when we saw it , we all gathered wondering about our vision of that creature which was entering from the bank?! then we all hurried up holding the cameras to document the event and try to catch the strange creature which tended to the trees located nearby the other bank, and what confirmed the sincerity of what we saw and as we were not under the illusion is that the guard who was regarding to a military garrison (a battalion of soldiers guarding the border area during the civil war between north and south) has stopped us firmly lifting his weapon at us and ordered us to turn back saying that this creature was living with us in perfect peace since it is a vegetarian and feeds on fruits, plants and maybe fishes and he has given orders not to enter in any confrontation with it although that area where the creature walking around is allowed to wander in it in the daytime and it is an open area outside the military zone.

A Common Myth
When we returned to the Khartoum University-Sudan, where I had been studied and graduated in Applied Fine Arts , I spoke with a female colleague from northern Sudan about the story , To my surprise she did not wonder and told me that they are in the city (Berber) (a large town and was known to hear a lot about what they call "Abdel-Bahr" or "Wedel- Bahr", which means in Sudanese local dialect "Weldel-Bahr" (the son of the Sea) , the Sea is called at the river in this region or which lives in the sea as we call "sea" at "river" in general and I have asked other people from the northern regions as they have confirmed to me that this story is circulating in their regions which bordering the Nile but none of them explained the identity of this creature to me and I kept silent and I did not talk with anybody about what happened again, firstly in order not to be accused of people that I have spoken a superstition or evening talking, on the other hand I was seizing the opportunity to go by myself for research and documentation.

Hawaa Um Dhanab : A female with a tail
By the fact that the Sudan is an Arab-African country which is surrounded by ten African countries and it is inhabited with more than five hundred tribes so it is packed full of secrets and subtleties that merit consideration and investigation, if not to confirm a certain information, at least to deny it with certainty, By the way I read in the newspaper "Akher Lahza" (last minute)- dated January 12, 2010 , as it is a solid respectable newspaper - headlines saying : "dogs , wolves and Hawaa Om Dhanab, rumors fill the sky of Khartoum" , The issue is about the wolves and wild dogs came from Ethiopia across the borders and attacking children and pets at night ,"Hawaa Om Dhanab " which means (A female with a tail) is a story about a tribe or tribes of western part of Sudan practicing rituals associated with the Jins, Sprites and they converting into metamorphosis with tails attempt the life of people, especially for revenge and retaliation.

Another experience : UFO Sighting
In 1985 I had another experience of seeing a UFO as it is documented issue which being published in the Sudanese local newspapers under the title "Strange objects flying in the skies of the Sudan" or some another titles , in this time I was standing with my wife’s brother and a large crowd of people in the queue to buy breads at about 10:00 pm (At this time, the Sudan has experienced a number of disorders and people used to wait in queues in front of bakeries in the era of the Government of the Uprising as the quantities of flour were too less) as we all saw something like a space ship "UFO" but it has not an oval or a circular shape but it was rectangular and very large and its outer framework was illuminating with the spectrum colors and it was surrounded by / in its back many UFOs which were more than twenty UFOs but with small and varying sizes similar to the meteoroids and moving slowly so the speed of an aircraft or less so that we could to look attentively at their details for a long time then we talked and discussed around it but Unfortunately, there was not an awareness of documentation in people mind at the time beside the having of personal cameras was not available ,etc. , but the radio station was broadcasting the news of this event and since that day noon it was following the news of its movement such as watching luminous UFOs in the (Shindi) region north of (the Sudan) and it was heading towards the central Sudan then later in the afternoon it arrived to the (Halifoon) region and in the evening we saw it with our own eyes on the sky of (Khartoum - Bahary) in (El-shabya) district it has a beautiful and solemn-looking, The press wrote about this issue in the next morning that dozens of people saw it too, and God is my witness.

Personal Profile
I am currently an artist , cartoonist , painter for children issues and animation movies and well know graphic designer and I have a published book about cartoon , beside a published novel , I am married and I am a father of two sons and a daughter and thank God I am religious and never experienced even a cigarette in my life, and I hold a respectable position.
Narrated By Mr. Khaled.R. Gohar (46 years old) – Sudan

The story mentioned above was published and classified as real story according to who narrated them without bearing any responsibility for the truthfulness or accuracy of its events.

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  1. Interesting reports, I wonder how many more incidents involving humanoids and alien creatures have occurred in areas like Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, etc which are not known in the 'west'
    please contact me with any such reports thank you
    Albert [email protected]


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