Burning remains,  some calim that fire is set by Jinn , it is a  Poltergiest acivity ?!
"The Jinn started throwing the stones at the house continuously for three days. The stones were coming to us from all sides and aimed at any place where my family members gathering , then the accidents of fire followed that in hay and plants bags and then in the clothes and furniture without seeing a doer or knowing the cause of fire" One of family members Said.

This is not a scene from a science fiction movie, but it is a testimony of one member of the family X in the Had Al-Soualem region - province of Settat- Morocco, house residents lives turned upside down because of a strange phenomenon which they experience its events for 20 days ago. This happenings usually connected to a Poltergeist activity in western culture.

In late 1984 or early 1985 I was in a scientific study tour with a group of colleagues aimed to examine the tribes, customs and the environment in Sudan , the mission consisted of about 90 persons , including students, supervisor professors, and workers .. etc., After we did some explorations we reached the South area of (Fung) in the Blue Nile , In a remote village located on Sudanese-Ethiopian borders called "Yabous", we sat down (six of us) and chat in the evening while we were looking to the water stream flowing under a bridge built over a small river called "Khor Yabous" and it was flinging strongly from the depth of the Ethiopian territories, Then we were surprised with the coming out of a creature from the center of the river moving towards the shore and was walking upright on his feet just like human, the vision was clear, its width was about 12 up to 15 meters ,


Zikra the murdered Tunisian Singer
On the dawn of Friday, 30th November, 2003, there was a river of blood in the apartment No. 112 - Saray El-Sultan -Mohamed Mazhar Street in Zamalek in Egypt , 69 gun bullets were fired during 15 minutes of an automatic gun shootings which was held by a businessman "Ayman Al-Sewedy" and pointed it towards his wife Zikra the Tunisian famous singer and also towards his executive director "Amr El-Kholy" and the wife of this late "Khadija" and after the horrible massacre, the businessman commit suicide after he grabbed his pistol and pointed its hole in his mouth .

Blue Bead (Kharze Zarka) a symbol of protection againest evil eye or envy
The symbols of Blue Bead and the Palm of the Hand occupy an important rank in the popular culture of the Arab and Muslim communities as well as the Jews, there is almost no woman neck or a car devoid of them, as people believe that they have magical powers which protect the holder of them against the risks and protect them (the holders) against bad luck , envy or ward off the holders cars from accidents , they were hanging usually as a collar around the neck. The blue bead is known also as "Five Fives" (Khamsa wa Khemaisa) in the Egyptian dialect, but it has another less well known names as it is known in the Islamic societies under the name "The hand of Fatima" in reference to Fatima (Al-Zahraa) "May peace be upon her" who is a daughter of the prophet "Mohammed" (May God peace and blessed him) and some Jews call it "The hand of Miriam" as a reference to "Miriam" who mentioned in the "Torah" as she was a sister of the two prophets "Moses and Aaron", May peace be upon them.

Skeikh Munir Arab with the knotted ropes extracted from girl's body
Sheikh "Munir Arab" is considered one of the famous therapists in the Arab world who deal with the Holy Koran to treat victims of magic or those processed by demons (evil Jinns) by which is called Legitimate Enchant (El-Roqia El-Shariah), It is actually a practice/ritual that includes a selected verses of the Holy Koran and other prayers being recited in front of the patient, and it also includes the use of water , oil or honey to treat patients who were processed by the Evil Jinn or under the influence of black magic or envy in order to ward off the demons and to avoid their harm by resorting to the power of God . The equivalent practice used by some Christians is called "Roman Rituals", In west the term "Exorcism" is used to describe it , but unfortunately, many people still asking for the help of demons by visiting to the charlatans and the sorcerers in order to inflict a psychological and physical harm on their victims who harboring hatred against them. The following story tells about strange events and documented by Sheikh "Mounir Arab" and it is occurred while he was treating one of his patients in a effort to expel black magic influence:

one of mosques in Egypt
In around 645 AD (23H) and in the reign of "Omar Ibn Al-Khatab" the 2nd Caliph of Muslims, a famous incident took place which is believed to be a historic example on the ability of telepathy in our modern life which is well known as "Sarya Al-Gabal" as the Telepathy means: The ability on transferring the thoughts from somebody to another without using the five senses and it may be between two persons away of thousands kilometers.

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